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Goodnight Gutters keeps our mind 

Goodnight Gutter's Promise
Goodnight Gutters guarantees our rain gutters not to leak or pull loose from the house for the lifetime of the house. Rain gutters are also guaranteed not chip or fade for 20 years after installation. We take our job seriously because our work protects your property. Goodnight Gutters will Gut-Ur-Dun.

Goodnight Gutter's Color Chart

What color gutters does your home have? If you live in any community built in the last 50 years, your answer is most likely going to be white. White is the most popular trim color used by new home builders. To keep the color scheme cohesive, the builders naturally chose white gutters so they blend into the home instead of standing out. And they did it on every home on the block. That is why a good number of people think white is the only option in gutter colors. Which is not true.

Off-whites are a way to bring a touch of color, without going too strong.Classic cream offers a hint of yellow, while cameo offers a hint of pink.

30 Deg. White

80 Deg.White




Classic Cream


Antique Ivory 

Looking for a shade of grey? You have several from which to choose. Victorian grey is a silvery grey that on the lighter side. For something in the mid-range, pebble stone clay brings a bit of brown to the mix. For a darker tone, charcoal grey is the answer.

Aluminum Metal

  Victorian Grey 

    Harbor Grey    




 Pebblestone Clay

   Charcoal Grey   

      Terra Bronze    



How about the color of metal? You can have gutters made with copper, without any color coating added. That way, you can have the beauty of the metal with the full functionality of a gutter.


   Copper Metal  

    Desert Sand    

   Copper Penny  

Thinking more of a brown tone? Beaver brown is a classic darker brown. Royal brown is another darker shade, which just a tinge of purple in it. If you want something lighter, buckskin is what you need.



 Beaver Brown

   Royal Brown 

Muskrat Brown

Country blue is a medium shade that blends with the sky and goes great with a white exterior. Evergreen brings the landscape color up to your gutters. Redwood is a mellow shade of red.

Country Blue



Village Green

Gutter Services in Amarillo

Gutter Installation in Amarillo | Goodnight Gutters

Gutters play an important role when it comes to protecting your home from damage. They capture rainwater coming off the roof and move it away from the foundation and landscaping, to avoid erosion problems. They also protect the edges of the roof from exposure to the elements. To protect your home, gutter installation and replacement should be a priority.

Copper Gutters in Amarillo | Goodnight Gutters

If you are looking for something special for the outside of your home, gutters and downspouts made of copper are definitely the way to go. Whether you enjoy the reddish-orange color it shows when freshly installed or the silvery green patina it develops, the color of copper is one of its defining features. It is highly corrosion resistant, which makes it a great choice for outdoor applications. Copper gutters and downspouts are a perfect example of this.

Gutter Repair in Amarillo | Goodnight Gutters

The gutters on your home are hard working. They take all the water that hits your roof and redirects it down through the downspout and away from the foundation. Gutters can work for years without any problems. However, over time, they can start to develop problems that need attention. That is when you need to call for gutter repair.

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