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About Goodnight Gutters in Amarillo | Goodnight Gutters

About Goodnight Gutters

Scott Goodnight purchased his first 5 inch gutter machine, but has expanded to offer 5 and 6 inch K Style seamless gutters, and 5 or 6 inch leaf screens. Scott takes care of all of your rainwater diversion needs. At Goodnight Gutters, you pay nothing until you are satisfied. Many ask if Scott is related to Charles Goodnight and the answer is no. Scott has lived in Amarillo all of his life, and has experience in residential and commercial construction, since his high school days. He pursued his education by obtaining a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and taught 8th grade for 3 1/2 years. After he retired from his education career, Scott went into residential remodeling.

Scott has been happily married for 13 years, and has 2 children. His children are adults now and he has been blessed with 3 grandchildren. Scott has 3 lap dogs to keep him and his wife company, and he often shows pictures of his furry children to customers or anyone who shows interest.

In 2005, Scott purchased his first roll forming gutter machine. At that time, he started his first website featuring gutter repair and replacement. It took several years before he could concentrate strictly on the installation of gutters and gutter related services. In 2013, Scott purchased a 6 inch gutter machine and began to specialize in gutter related services.

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Office phone: 806-414-7980

We are located at 5232 Royce Dr. Suite 100, Amarillo, Tx, 79110

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