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When you are ready to get a rain barrel, give us a call here at Goodnight Gutters in Amarillo, TX. We have installed plenty of rain barrels throughout the area. We have several distributors and can help you with selecting the best barrel for your needs.

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are a great accessory to any garden. It catches the rain coming off your roof and keeps it safe until you can use it for irrigation or other purposes. It keeps you from using municipal or well water for outdoor purposes. It is also a smart way to keep your garden healthy when drought comes around. How big of a rain barrel do you need? It helps to know how much water you want to use for irrigation and how much water typically comes off of your roof deck. You will also need to have a set space for the rain barrel, so it is not intruding on your beds or walkways. You want to select a barrel that has a tight lid to keep the mosquitoes and algae away. To properly install the rain barrel, you will need to set up an overflow system that takes excess water away from the foundation of the house.

Rain Barrel in Amarillo | Goodnight Gutters

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