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Whether you enjoy the reddish-orange color it shows when freshly installed or the silvery green patina it develops, the color of copper is one of its defining features. It is highly corrosion resistant, which makes it a great choice for outdoor applications. Copper gutters and downspouts are a perfect example of this. If you are looking for something special for the outside of your home, gutters and downspouts made of copper are definitely the way to go.

The benefits that copper brings make it an excellent choice for gutters and downspouts.


  1. It is extremely durable. Tests conducted on existing copper roofs, that date from the 1700s, show that they could last for several hundred years more with proper maintenance. Talk about durable!
  2. It is very low maintenance. Copper does not need continual cleaning or maintenance like other building materials. This makes it ideal for installation in places where access is limited or dangerous, like along the edge of the roof.
  3. It is a sustainable material. It offers long service which reduces the need for replacement. It is completely recyclable and offers high scrap value, which keeps it out of the landfill.
Standard copper gutters come in 5" or 6" K-Style configurations. The size selected depends on the amount of water that could come off of a roof in a good rain storm. Your gutter specialist can help size the gutters properly.


What makes copper unique among gutter materials is the ability to emboss intricate designs into its surface. It is an effective way to bring an eye-catching feature to the outside of your home. During the manufacturing process, the copper is run through an embossing machine which presses a repeating design into the metal along the entire length. If you need to replace your gutters, or want to give your home a unique, look, copper gutters will definitely do the job. Give Goodnight Gutters of Amarillo, Texas a
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