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Gutter Cleaning

Do you have water overflowing the top of your gutter instead of going down the downspout? Is the outside of your gutters in need of a good scrubbing? If either or both of these are true, you need to have a gutter cleaning.


Gutters catch the water that comes off your roof during a rain storm. At the same time, it can also catch debris like loose leaves and small twigs. This debris is often too big to go down the downspout properly. Instead of getting washed away, it sits in the bottom of the gutter. Over time, the amount of debris builds up until it fills the entire gutter and clogs the downspouts. That is when the water starts overflowing instead of flowing down the downspout.


Gutters get dirty, inside and out. That is just part hanging outside year-round. Giving them a good wash will help keep them looking good. When you have a team out there cleaning out the debris, it is a good time to have them give the gutters a good scrub. This will improve their looks while also ensuring the inside is clear for the rain to flow.


One task of gutter maintenance that needs to be done at least twice a year is debris removal, once in the spring and once in the fall. When the leaves fall off the trees in autumn, some of them will likely blow onto your roof and end up in your gutters. After the leaves are gone, it is important to get up there and get the debris out. Another cleaning in the spring will remove any stray leaves or twigs that got in there over winter. That way the spring rains can flow freely, down and away from the house.


Debris removal is a task best left to the professionals. They have the ladders to get up to the gutters safely. They also have the knowledge to know how to do the job without risking damage to the gutters themselves.Doing basic maintenance on your gutters will help them last for decades to come. Gutter cleaning is one of those basic tasks. Give Goodnight Gutters of Amarillo, Texas a call today at
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