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Guarding your gutters is a vital step in overall home maintenance. Leaf screen for gutters are installed over the gutter to prevent leaves and other debris from becoming trapped in them. This not only means that less time is spent cleaning gutters, but also helps eliminate costly repairs to your home due to blocked gutters that won’t properly drain. Below are some other benefits homeowners experience when having leaf screen for gutters on their gutters.

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Moist areas are perfect breeding grounds for insects. Removing breeding grounds helps eliminate the pests. A leaf screen for gutters helps allow water to flow through your gutters not debris. This means the gutters dry out quicker and are not left moist long enough to allow breeding of insects.

A leaf screen for your gutters helps eliminate blockages in your gutters allowing for proper drainage. This means that your gutters will be less likely to experience a blockage causing a backup. When rainwater has nowhere to go it then begins to fall down the side of your home or possibly into your home. Water draining down the side of your home causes unsightly stains and potentially damage your foundation.

Have you ever worried about elderly parents or others cleaning out their own gutters for safety reasons? Maybe their balance is not steady enough to be on a ladder, or they cannot tolerate outside elements well. No matter the reason a leaf screen for gutters helps eliminate the need for cleaning and reduces them from twice a year to once every three to five years. Choosing a leaf screen for your gutters holds many benefits for not only your gutters but your house and you as well. Reduced cleaning means more time with your family, but these can also help prolong the life of your home. Eliminating the worry when a rainy season hits is another benefit of choosing to protect your gutters.

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